Miss Nouvelle-Calédonie

15 September - l'Arène du Sud, Nouméa

"Créatif et amoureux du Pacifique, le styliste Parisien Jordan Herry a créé une robe de gala pour Miss Nouvelle-Calédonie"






This dress was made on measure for Sherylie Erman, candidate number 10 for Miss New Caledonia election.


The fabric  has been especially printed.

A font of Caledonian lagoon seen from the sky, characters in traditional outfits representing each ethnic group and crossbreeding living in New Caledonia.


A Tapa belt, Wallisian know-how that treats the bark of murier, composed of hand-drawn motifs made out vegetable dyes.


Starting from the flush with pendanus, shells and black pearls adorn the shoulders and the bare back.